👋 Hi, my name is Jane.
I’m a UX Analyst in Scotland, UK

When it comes to making a new product, it can be quite daunting to get started. You’re potentially looking at layout out a significant amount of money (and time) on something that you *hope* people want. It’s not helped by the fact that you know that around 50% of small businesses fail within the first […]

When developing your product – it is important to focus on what’s important. Often when collecting metrics for a new product we focus on ‘more is always better’ rather than the more useful metrics which might not look quite so good on paper. Vanity Metrics Think about the metrics you see companies bragging about. They’ve […]

Like most people in IT, I use Slack at work. It’s excellent. There’s GIFS, and integrations like Google Drive, Jira, BitBucket, and Outlook (if you’re that way inclined). But like most bits of software – its got its faults. Never mind that you can’t reply to a thread with a GIF even though that would […]

With every boundary that is pushed – there will always be people saying you’ve gone too far. Smartphones are ruining conversations, facial recognition is destroying privacy, and AI is going to take over the world.

Like a mythic beast rising from a loch – many designers, developers, and product owners seem to treat accessibility as a giant, unknown entity who will drag your project down into the depths of missed deadlines and over budget crisis. Which all sounds lovely and terrifying but its not exactly what I’d call accurate. Isn’t […]

Falling under the “its 2019 and I can’t believe we’re still having to say this” category, I really can’t believe we’re still having to say this but… Accessibility isn’t optional Me – all the time. The legislation In the UK, accessibility of a website is kinda required by law. The Equality Act (2010) makes it […]

Toast to the lassies


The toast to the lassies is a key part of a Burns Supper. It started originally as a ‘cheers for cooking’ but as times have moved on, it has evolved into an opportunity for men to take part in some light hearted ribbing of the ladies in the room. The ladies do get to have […]

Yes. Yes it does. CES is the shining beacon of tech conferences. It’s the biggest tech event of the year where not only the big boys get to show off their latest Alexa enabled device, but the small innovative startups get to show off their wears. The publicity alone from a demo at CES can […]

GDPR has been one of the haunting acronyms of 2018. Striking fear into the hearts of marketers with mailing lists, and pleasing normal people to no end when they stopped getting emails from that shoe shop they used that one time. But spare a thought for poor Santa. Who has been operating in the same […]