👋 Hi, my name is Jane.
I’m a UX Analyst in Scotland, UK

Accessibility is one of those things you got taught at uni. You sat through the same tired lecture about door-frames which were too narrow, teapots which didn’t pour properly, and how colourblind people can’t tell the difference between red and green. What didn’t seem to get covered much, was actually how to *do* accessibility. So […]

I’ll admit. I love smart speakers and their ilk. My house is littered with Google Home’s and their mini friends. They control my TV, my lights, and my alarm in the morning. But even I, an early adopter and enthusiast, won’t buy anything through them. And it’s not because I don’t trust the platform, its […]

Tesco Extra is a large and daunting place. This irritated me recently on my hunt for delicious delicious Harissa Paste. I said in the last posts that I would upload some pretty(ish) looking designs for the idea I had so here you all go. Not to go into too much detail but the idea behind […]

Update: For those of you coming here after searching for ‘harissa tesco aisle’ – check in the Morrocan section. In my store, it was beside the Mexican stuff. I hate doing the weekly shop. I’m lucky enough to live in a city where there are four 24 hour Tescos within a 10-minute drive of my […]

Because it makes you money.

No seriously, I know hiring people costs money, and potentially increasing development time costs money. But nothing is more expensive than bad design. And I’m not just talking about something that doesn’t look great, I’m talking about things which don’t work.

Attention is a finite resource, if you need to pay more attention to the tiny parking space you’re squeezing your car into, you need to take some away from the radio.

Let’s face it, Amazon is amazing. It’s delivering everything from groceries to office supplies, to clothing, to electronics directly to our door with no fuss. Worst we have to do is pop to the post office if our parcel didn’t fit through the letterbox. Amazon Prime even allows us to get our precious items the […]

If you’re a business, you need social media. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (it might not be as popular as the others but it’s good to set up the page just so you can control what information Google shows about your business), and maybe an Instagram account. These accounts are the gateway to potential customers, gathering reviews […]

Is that nobody seems to be able to decide what to refer to it as in forms. Are we using UK (United Kingdom) or GB (Great Britain)? Or are we going for the home countries with SCO (Scotland), ENG (England), WAL (Wales), and NI (Northern Ireland) plus the channel islands etc? Or are we actively […]