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Accessibility is one of those things you got taught at uni. You sat through the same tired lecture about door-frames which were too narrow, teapots which didn’t pour properly, and how colourblind people can’t tell the difference between red and green. What didn’t seem to get covered much, was actually how to *do* accessibility. So […]

We’ve all been there, you want a list of links in your footer and since you’re a nice web designer/developer you want to let visitors know that the link will take them to an external site. Well, FontAwesome has got your back there! They’ve got at least two icons you can use to denote external links […]

Warning – contains a large amount of pedantry and punctuation. For the developers out there, you’ve been trained that things with ! in front of them read as “not this next thing”. != means “not equal to”, !<means “not less than”, and !> means “not greater than”. Then along comes CSS which basically spits at that. For the non-initiated, CSS is a […]

Passwords run our life nowadays. We’ve become accustomed to password policies which have a minimum character limit (8 seems pretty standard), don’t let us have the same password as our username, don’t let the password be our name (depending on how much the system knows about you) and a host of other seemingly strange rules. […]