Jane Wilson

UX Analyst specialising in Digital Transformation

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Digital Transformation

Going from paper processes to a digital solution can seem daunting but with the right tools and guidance, it can be an excellent move for your business.

App Optimisation / SEO

The fun doesn't stop just because you launched your app/website! By carefully examining your business goals and app/website features, you can keep optimising your product to continue to meet your users needs.

UX Writing

A pretty UI is nothing without effective copy text to guide your users. From the text on buttons to error messages and product instructions, copytext is key for a good UX.

Workshop Facilitation

Before you get the party started with creating your new product, workshops are key to ensure you know what you want, and your team knows what to deliver.

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I dislike working from home

It's ok to not like WFH. You're not broken. You just prefer an office environment.

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smartphone with twitter on the screen. sitting on a table with a cup of coffee

Twitter’s Approach to Accessibility

Twitter recently had a soft launch of a new feature. You can now post “voice tweets” (currently restricted to iOS).... View Article

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3 screens from the Air Berlin Progressive web app

You don’t need an app

A true mobile app is a significant investment in both time and money and might not always be the best option for your business, or your customers.

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