👋 Hi, my name is Jane.
I’m a UX Analyst in Scotland, UK

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The secret to a successful product or service, is understanding your end users.





💡 My Philosophy

If its not accessible, its not finished

If you launch a product which fails even the most basic accessibility assessments, it shouldn’t have been launched in the first place. Accessibility isn’t something for V2, or someone else’s problem. It should be part and parcel of your design and development process.

MVP should satisfy both user and business needs

Often companies think of being “user focused” to mean “ignore business needs”. The reality of MVP creation however means giving equal weight to user needs and business needs. If the product fails, it won’t benefit any users! Sometimes UX means making the best experiences possible when you’re given restrictions.

Regulated industries don’t mean boring products

Regualted industries such a banking or healthcare often get a bad repuation for having boring products because they’re heavily regulated industries. But you can still bring delight and joy to your users if you’re a bank! Challenger banks such as Monzo and Starling are showing the industry that its possible... with the right UX.

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