Accessibility Myths

Like a mythic beast rising from a loch – many designers, developers, and product owners seem to treat accessibility as a giant, unknown entity who will drag your project down into the depths of missed deadlines and over budget crisis. Which all sounds lovely and terrifying but its not exactly what I’d call accurate. Isn’t […]

Toast to the lassies

The toast to the lassies is a key part of a Burns Supper. It started originally as a ‘cheers for cooking’ but as times have moved on, it has evolved into an opportunity for men to take part in some light hearted ribbing of the ladies in the room. The ladies do get to have […]

Why can’t I find Harissa Paste in Tesco?

Update: For those of you coming here after searching for ‘harissa tesco aisle’ – check in the Morrocan section. In my store, it was beside the Mexican stuff.   I hate doing the weekly shop. I’m lucky enough to live in a city where there are four 24 hour Tescos within a 10-minute drive of […]