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A person’s title can say a lot about them. If they’re married, have a PhD, are a medical Doctor, or if they’re King of a country. What it can’t tell you, is their weight. That’s what TUI realised when they were caught using women’s title to work out if they’re a child or not. For […]

GDPR has been one of the haunting acronyms of 2018. Striking fear into the hearts of marketers with mailing lists, and pleasing normal people to no end when they stopped getting emails from that shoe shop they used that one time. But spare a thought for poor Santa. Who has been operating in the same […]

Way back when in 2013, the UK government decided that parents couldn’t be trusted to install parental blockers/filters on their home computers or to supervise their children on the internet or to use mechanisms already provided by their ISPs to filter internet content coming into their home. They instead decided that ALL new internet customers needed to […]