Google Fit Gets A New Look

25th September 2015

You may remember that a while ago, we posted an article about Google Fit and how it was so close to being an awesome fitness tracker. Today, its taken one step closer to greatness.

At the weekend, I had a great chance to pit Google Fit against FitBit. Away on a family holiday walking along Hadrians Wall, I had my Sony Smartwatch 3, SIL had her FitBit One and BIL had his FitBit Flex. Initially, I was dissapointed, while they were all showing over 10,000 steps, my watch was stuck at 3,000 odd. However, once we returned to the land of phone signal. it did eventually catch up and show a more accurate 16.000 odd steps.

None of that sounds particularly good tbh does it. Where Google Fit has improved however, is the web interface.

Its so pretty. You even get a new banner image and colour scheme every time you visit.

You get the nice graph which shows what you’ve been up to, a break down of your day, a list of recent activity, a customisable distance card and more!

Just below that there’s another graph showing your activity levels. This is pretty similar to what you saw in the previous UI but makes so much more sense in the new one.

My favourite new feature though, is the calendar.


Little flags show when you’ve met your goal (I know I’m terrible, I barely ever meet mine).

They’ve also made it easier to log your weight using the + button from which you can also log an activity.

I really hope the new dashboard makes its way to the app (and hopefully comes with a new watchface!).

For those wondering, the old UI is now hidden inside “Timeline” accessible from the side menu.


Google made Google Fit on the web pretty!