LOONCUP – even your period is better with bluetooth… right?

5th October 2015

For the uninitiated, there are a variety of products a lady can use while she’s surfing the crimson wave ranging from the disposable tampons and pads to the reusable cups. Many ladies also use apps to predict when their periods are going to start, when they’re going to have their heaviest flow, and ovulation times.

Using the idea of “everything is better with Bluetooth”, enter stage right, LOONCUP. Using Bluetooth and sensors, the Looncup connects to your phone and gives you up to date information about your menstrual flow. Notifications of when you need to empty it, information on its colour, and where you are in your cycle (including informing you when your period is going to start next).

No, on the one hand, this is slightly terrifying. Inside you, you would have the sensors, a Bluetooth transmitter, and a battery. All contained in the latex-free Looncup. On the other hand, though…. I want one so bad.

I don’t even need it (woohoo for long-term contraceptives) but I want it. If I’m gonna have to go through the hell pit which is getting my period then I damn well want to be able to geek out over my stats. No more would I have to worry that sneezing might expel a tampon (not even sure if that’s possible) or if my sneeze has caused the tampon or pad to overfill. No more! My watch will inform me when I need to empty it (hopefully anyway, it says it works on Apple Watch so there should be an Android Wear version… right?).

I really hope this gets enough backers to become a thing. Periods majorly suck and it would be nice to have something to look forward to about them, even if that is just “ooo I get to collect more data about me”.

If you want more information, check them out on Kickstarter.

<UPDATE> This project seemed to be something of a disaster, its March 2018 now and there’s been nothing shipped. I’ve got myself a refund. </UPDATE>