Server Company Re-Brands As Lingerie Company

20th May 2015

In a stunning swap of industries, FortaCloud has switched to being a lingerie company! Or at least that’s what their latest Twitter Advert looks like….

Now…. as adverts go its not a bad attempt. It is eye-catching, makes good use of colour contrasts and encourages the person seeing it to keep looking. On every other standard though, this is god damn awful.

  1. What does the model have to do with VPS hosting?
  2. There’s literally no context for her being there
  3. Its not the first time they’ve done this 
  4. They tried to defend it.

That’s right folks, when they got called out about the advert being…. well blatantly sexist. They defended it.

Well, that makes it ok then doesn’t it? Their customers are mainly male so they’re trying to appeal to men! Oh wait… no… Because men get pissed off at this stuff too.

FortaCloud also attempted to defend themselves by basically saying “GoDaddy did it too!!”. GoDaddy being totally awesome at making non-offensive adverts…. oh wait no. GoDaddyhase come under fire year after year about their adverts being sexist or just offensive, so maybe they’re not the right people to be copying?

While it can be said that in the world of advertising that “sex sells”, normally that sex is at least contextual. The sexy man in the Diet Coke adverts tended to be doing something like washing windows or gardening (something which made them sweaty enough to take off their tops and have a drink).

Ultimately, this is probably going to backfire on FortaCloud. People I’ve spoken to about the advert either automatically dismissed them as a lingerie company or were offended by the advert outright. The moral of the story? Don’t just post pictures of lingerie models as adverts unless you’re advertising lingerie. Also, that bra looks like a terrible fit on her.