Why can’t I find things in Tesco *UPDATE*

Posted on 3 August, 2018

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Tesco Extra is a large and daunting place. This irritated me recently on my hunt for delicious delicious Harissa Paste.

I said in the last posts that I would upload some pretty(ish) looking designs for the idea I had so here you all go.

I kinda see this feature being part of a larger Tesco app rather than stand alone.
You search, and get results. Work arounds would be similar products (in this case seasoning).
When viewing a single product, you get more info about it. Mainly location as that’s what bothered me most.

Not to go into too much detail but the idea behind this is that its very frustrating for users when they can’t find certain items in Tesco (or any large supermarket).

This is particularly an issue when the item is something you buy ‘every so often’. I asked a few people if they had ever had this problem too and they all agreed. You go in for the tub of dried mushrooms you always buy and spend 20 minutes wandering around looking for them because they’re not in the same aisle they used to be, or not even in the same section.