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For the uninitiated, there are a variety of products a lady can use while she’s surfing the crimson wave ranging from the disposable tampons and pads to the reusable cups. Many ladies also use apps to predict when their periods are going to start, when they’re going to have their heaviest flow, and ovulation times. […]

You may remember that a while ago, we posted an article about Google Fit and how it was so close to being an awesome fitness tracker. Today, its taken one step closer to greatness. At the weekend, I had a great chance to pit Google Fit against FitBit. Away on a family holiday walking along Hadrians Wall, […]

I love data. I also (every so often) like trying to get fit. Handily, there are loads of apps out there ready and willing to help! I’ve had a Fitbit Flex (that went the way of the Dodo due to it not having a proper screen) which, while I loved it. just wasn’t quite right […]

Warning – contains a large amount of pedantry and punctuation. For the developers out there, you’ve been trained that things with ! in front of them read as “not this next thing”. != means “not equal to”, !<means “not less than”, and !> means “not greater than”. Then along comes CSS which basically spits at that. For the non-initiated, CSS is a […]

Passwords run our life nowadays. We’ve become accustomed to password policies which have a minimum character limit (8 seems pretty standard), don’t let us have the same password as our username, don’t let the password be our name (depending on how much the system knows about you) and a host of other seemingly strange rules. […]

Emoji have taken over. It seems you can’t open a message without it containing some form of emoji :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Recently, I’ve been questioning whether emoji can be used in professional communications, and when I say “questioning”, I mean “have decided you can’t”. Dundee University recently tweeted RESITS – The timetable for resits is now available […]

In a stunning swap of industries, FortaCloud has switched to being a lingerie company! Or at least that’s what their latest Twitter Advert looks like…. 50% off Mondays. Promo Code: 50OFFMONDAY. Limited to first 150 signups. #VPS #COUPON — FORTAcloud (@FortaCloud) May 18, 2015 Now…. as adverts go its not a bad attempt. It is eye-catching, makes good […]

Comic Sans, the font which makes designers weep. Often used by people to make things look more “friendly” and “fun”. Inspired by the fonts used in comic books, Comic Sans was designed by  Vincent Connare and released by Microsoft in 1994. Its been around in Windows ever since and has even had a bit of […]